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DUI Defense, Not “Criminal” Defense

You are not a criminal. You should not be treated like one.

My name is Dean Morgan.  I am the owner and Managing Attorney of The Morgan Law Firm.   In 2010, I opened my own law practice and set out to do something different.  I set out to build a “DUI Defense Firm.”  As a police officer and prosecutor, I pursued and prosecuted rapists, drug dealers, and violent criminals.  As a lawyer, I could not fathom representing these criminals.  When I started my firm, I made a commitment that my practice would be dedicated exclusively to DUI Defense.

The American Bar Association has determined that DUI Defense is a separate specialized practice area.  At The Morgan Law Firm, we understand that DUI Defense is different than criminal defense.  As a result, we do things a bit different. 

In my career in law enforcement as well as a lawyer, I have seen a lot of folks who were caught at the intersection of alcohol/drugs and motor vehicles.  These were good people who had a little too much to drink and got behind the wheel of the car.  I felt empathy for these folks as they were “grouped” with criminals as part of the criminal justice system. 

As a police officer, prosecutor, and defense attorney, I watched “Criminal Defense Attorneys” practice law under a “cookie-cutter” model.  Many rent an office next to the courthouse, work alone or with a partner and accept every case that comes in the door with the money to pay their fee. The “Criminal Defense Attorney” considers DUI to be “just another crime.”  They devote no additional time to the study of the complex law and science associated with DUI Defense.    The “Criminal Defense Lawyer” would send DUI Defendants into the system and accept the first offer from the prosecutor because they don’t have the specialized knowledge and experience to spot potential defenses.

I did not believe that a DUI Defendant should not be treated like a criminal. I certainly did not like seeing good people being misrepresented by an attorney who was supposed to defend them from the system.

Since beginning my practice, I have constantly worked towards the goal of being the most knowledgeable DUI Defense Attorney in the nation.  My training and experience includes:
Criminal Justice career that started in 1990
Former Police Officer
Former DUI Prosecutor
*Over 900 DUI Clients in past 7 years
Member:  National College of DUI Defense
SFST Instructor
ARIDE Practitioner
Drug Recognition Expert Training
*DUI Trainer & Consultant