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Dedicated exclusively to DUI Defense

Not “Criminal” Defense

You are NOT a criminal. You should NOT be treated like one.

My name is Dean Morgan.  I am the owner and Managing Attorney of The Morgan Law Firm.     When I started my firm, I made a commitment that my practice would be dedicated exclusively to DUI Defense.

The American Bar Association has determined that DUI Defense is a separate specialized practice area.  We have the specialized knowledge and experience to represent you.  I am a Field Sobriety Test Instructor.  In addition, I am a consultant because I also have been trained in advanced drug recognition techniques.  As a former police officer, former prosecutor, and a defense attorney who has represented over 1000 people during the last seven years, I can help you.

At The Morgan Law Firm, we understand that DUI Defense is different than criminal defense.  As a result, we do things a bit different. 

We don't treat you like a criminal. 
We treat you the way you deserve to be treated.