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One Law Firm For All Your Needs:

In this era of legal specialization, The Morgan Law Firm was developed to provide comprehensive legal representation to our clients, regardless of their legal issues. Our clients count on us to be trusted advisors and friends, not merely professionals paid to render a service.  We have developed a team of professionals and staff members dedicated to providing our clients the best possible legal representation, regardless of their legal issue.  We are committed to meeting all your legal needs as part of our four primary practice groups
  • LITIGATION:   In the courtroom is where we excel.  Our attorneys represent clients in the federal and state courts throughout Pennsylvania.  We prepare cases to be tried and, as a result, we often achieve outstanding results for our clients.  Our work includes  virtually every type of business dispute, government litigation, small claims litigation, and arbitration.

  • DUI DEFENSE:  Since 1990, I have examined thousands of DUI cases from every possible perspective.  Our firm has represented over 500 DUI Defendants in the past few years.  Advanced training in Field Sobriety Tests, Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) techniques, as well as blood and breath testing procedures set us apart from criminal defense lawyers.  Our team understands the strengths and weaknesses of techniques and equipment used by police.   As committed defense attorneys, we constantly look for the most advanced scientific and practical defenses to DUI charges.

  • FAMILY LAW:   We have helped good people through the difficult and emotionally draining divorce process. We understand that you are likely to receive advice from family and close friends about divorce, custody, and support.  Divorce, custody, and support can be complex.   We invite you to speak with one of out attorneys who is dedicated to answering your questions, reducing your anxiety and supporting you through a process that can be difficult without the competent counsel of one of our attorneys.  In addition, we help complete families through adoption and plan for the future through estate planning services.

  • BUSINESS LAW: We work with you to protect the things that matter most to you.  It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the details of legal planning for a new business.  At the Morgan Law Firm, we  use an approach that focuses on the whole person and the whole of the problem as a way of finding sustainable solutions to legal problems to prevent unnecessary litigation.
Free Consultations:   You should not have to pay a lawyer to determine if you need a lawyer.  We invite you to call us at 1-888-821-9446 or 717-220-4300 to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. After we speak, we can work together to determine if you require our services and, if so, the services you may need.

Client Satisfaction.  Our clients are asked to review our services.  We currently have a 99% overall Client Satisfaction Rating.  Our clients rate us at 100% for knowledge, communication, and courtesy.   99% of our former clients would recommend our services to a friend or colleague.  We are constantly improving with the help of those who matter most, our clients. 
Contact us today by calling 1-888-821-9446 or 717-220-4300. 
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