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"Miracle Man"

I got back to back DUI'S about 5 years ago and Dean was about to get a plea deal for me that was so amazing that no one could hardly believe! I was told if I got another one in the next 10 years I would be looking at 1 year in prison up state. Well about 10 months ago I screwed up and got another DUI, he once again "pulled a rabbit out of a hat" for me. I only got sentenced 10 days in county prison with a 12 month suspension of license. His background makes him very competent because he understands the system better than anyone else. He used to be a police officer, then worked for the district attorney's office, and then became a defense attorney which is why I'm convinced he is the most qualified attorney for representing anyone with DUI charges. He's always available and quick to respond back. Also when your consequences are over and any problems come up you can still get advice about dealing with any or all issues. I tell everyone if they ever get a DUI to contact him cause he doesn't sugarcoat anything but gets you the best results possible! To anyone considering hiring him to represent you I'm telling you you'd be a fool not to hire him!! Thank you Dean, I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me and I cannot truly express my gratitude to you in words except that you are my "Miracle Man". Your an amazing attorney but you are also an excellent person!! Thank you again for all you've done for me!!

- Melanie

"Dean Morgan is without a doubt the best DUI Lawyer in Pennsylvania."

His extraordinary breadth of knowledge and experience sets him apart from any other lawyer.  He tells you that he is different. More importantly, he shows you that he is different. He practices exclusively in the area of DUI Defense.

When I first spoke with Dean, I was impressed with his confidence. More importantly, I was impressed with his willingness to share information with me. Unlike other lawyers who refused to give me information until I came to their office, Dean and his assistant Ashley, immediately took an interest in my case.

Ashley asked me a series of questions and seemed genuinely concerned about my case. She let me tell my story but then asked questions I would have never thought of. Each, it seemed was important.

When Dean spoke with me, he gave me a thorough review of my options as well as his opinion. I felt confident in hiring him immediately. To his credit, he asked that hold off until I spoke with other lawyers. There was absolutely no pressure.
Dean immediately emailed me a legal guide, a copy of his case results and client reviews, and other information. No other lawyer has he knowledge.

In court, he was outstanding. He achieved much more than I could have ever hoped for. He went the extra mile to speak with my employer and save my job.

In the courtroom, other lawyers approached him and asked him questions. It is clear that he is an expert in his field. I have the opportunity to meet other clients who were in court the same day. All were very happy to have Dean as their lawyer. One even hugged him! Who hugs their lawyer? More importantly, how many lawyers do you know that would be worthy of a hug? Dean is!

I am very happy that I hired Dean. He is a straight-shooter. He is intelligent. He is a specialist in what he does. If you have been charged with DUI, you should hire Dean Morgan.
-Prefer to Remain Anonymous

Smart, Efficient, Compassionate. He saved my job!

I found Dean online. I had received letters from numerous "criminal defense" lawyers who would handle my DUI. Every single one of them told me there was no hope. i would either enter ARD or I would be convicted.

I went online to Dean's online DUI Case Evaluation website. Within 10 minutes, I completed the online form and clicked "send." Within an hour, I received a comprehensive case evaluation as well as a free legal guide, client reviews and case results, as well as a fee agreement. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information he provided for free. There was no pressure to hire him. I felt that he was not going to send me to a pre-determined outcome and I was right!

I spoke with his assistant, Ashlee. She was kind and understanding during our initial phone call and throughout the process. After hiring Dean, he provided me with a specific information about the next step. He also made it clear that I could contact him at any time. I did contact him several times by email. He always responded within minutes, even on Saturday or in the evening.

Ultimately, Dean was able to achieve a great result.

In the courtroom, I watched him interact with police officers as well as prosecutors. They listened to him closely as he explained the technical aspects of the law and science of DUI that ultimately led them to conclude that one of my charges should be dropped. This saved my driver's license and I am sure it saved my career.

During two court appearances, I also noticed that other lawyers approached Dean to ask his advice. He looks young, but his knowledge and experience as a police officer, prosecutor, and defense attorneys seems well-respected by all in the courtroom.

I would be remiss if I did not mention one other thing. My employer threatened to fire me for being arrested for DUI. Dean took the time to send my employer a letter explaining the process. In the letter Dean noted, "a DUI is not a reflection of character. Very few people can honestly say that they have never operated a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. Anyone who consumes more than one beer before driving could find themselves in this position." My boss said this was the line that convinced him to keep me. It is also one thing that makes Dean special. He is not a "criminal defense lawyer." He is a DUI Defense lawyer. There is a big difference.

I owe everything to Dean Morgan. If you have been arrested for DUI or for a vehicle-related offense, I encourage you to hire Dean. He is the best!
- Anonymous

Outstanding Lawyer

Absolutely sensational results. He is responsive. He is knowledgeable. He is experienced. I felt like he really had a handle on my case from the start. The officer even told me that Dean is one of the best in the area. I am so happy I hired him.
- Erin

Took care of everything

Dean took care of everything I needed for my case. I basically had to show up. He kept me informed the entire time and made the whole process very painless.

The best choice by far

I just had a case and Dean and his firm are by far the best law firm I've heard of an personally used . He is very knowledgable and very compassionate when it comes to representing his clients . If you need someone who will truly represent you and cares call his office I highly recommend

- Ashley

Great Communicator

Dean is a great communicator who responded to our every inquiry in a timely manner. We always knew what the next step was. He guided us through the local legal system to a resolution of our family crisis. Dean and his courteous professional staff were always there for us. Thank you Dean!


Amazing Lawyer

Dean is an amazing lawyer who I feel is the BEST at his job. He is a respectful, kind and makes you feel that you are his main priority. He answered emails and phone calls promptly and kept me informed of all possibilities. I highly recommend using Dean as your lawyer if you may find yourself in a not so great situation such as mine. He achieved results that I never knew were possible. My outcome was better than I had expected and I know it was because Dean was on my side the whole way.


Saved My Career

You will find many competent lawyers to handle your DUI case, but due to the complexity and potential impact upon my professional career, I chose Mr. Morgan.... Mr. Morgan has the experience of being a police officer, a prosecutor for the D.A., and now a successful defense attorney - the choice was a no-brainer to choose him to represent me.  All I can say is that I owe Mr. Morgan and his attentive team a huge debt (he literally saved my career). I can't say that you will have the same results I had, but with Mr. Morgan and his team behind you, you can expect the best possible outcome and then some.

- Matt

Thank You

Thank you.  Those words do not even seem to be enough to express my gratitude for all you have done to help me. I do not EVER intend on going down that crooked path again. Thank you for answering my questions, meeting with me and dealing with my novice investigative Internet practices.  Thank you for keeping me alive.


Transformed My Life

The Morgan Law Firm’s Focus, Dedication, and Knowledge transformed my life. The solution to my DUI issues accomplished everything that I hoped. Incarceration and hefty fines were eliminated. I believe the charge that they negotiated and the hearings will have very positive outcomes. I now have the possibility and the resolve for a bright future. My thanks seem inadequate. They truly are an instrument of God's blessings.
- Jason

Solid DUI Defense

Dean was able to negotiate a no incarceration sentence for a 3rd DUI in less than 10 years at the highest level of punishment. I was facing up to 15 months of incarceration. Dean successfully filed a suppression motion that resulted in the DA responding with an offer of a 6 month probation sentence. Dean’s skills are second to none and I would highly recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in need of a solid DUI defense attorney.
- Rick

The Morgan Law Firm helped me achieve speedy resolution with my case despite the complexities involved. They thoroughly explained the DUI/ARD process to me and answered many questions quickly and accurately. I cannot more highly recommend Dean and his team for the situation you encounter that would necessitate the use of his services.
- Jennifer

I've had the unfortunate experience to need an attorney several times in the past for a variety of reasons, and never had anything good to say about the way my case was handled, or how I was treated. So I'm glad to finally be able to say something positive about an attorney.  Dean Morgan is the sharpest, most qualified, confident, and responsive attorney I've ever known. If you have a DUI in Pennsylvania, this is the guy you need. He never tried to talk me into a plea, never failed to return a phone call or email, and just performed wonderfully. No surprises, or disappointments whatsoever. He really knows what he's doing and how to treat his clients.
- Dan

The court told me I would have to do 60-90 days jail time. Initially, it seemed like a waste of money to hire an attorney. But Dean resolved the matter quickly, and I ONLY had to pay a FINE. Best money I ever spent! Cool guy too, he made it look easy. Thanks!
- Dan

Thank You, Dean.  This is the best money I ever spent.  I was facing 90 days in jail if I was convicted.  Other attorneys told me to plead guilty.  Dean took the time to understand my case.  Within minutes, the prosecutor and police officer were convinced that they could not prove their case.  I received a small fine for public drunkenness, but did not have to go to jail.  I am very thankful to Dean.

Dean fought for me!  At trial, the police officer admitted that he was not properly trained in the use of Field Sobriety Tests.  Dean literally used the Police Officer's Training Guide to demonstrate that the officer failed to properly administer testing.  I am very thankful to Dean for his support and guidance.  Most importantly, I am glad that he fought for me!

Dean was succinct and thorough and I had complete confidence in his knowledge and performance on my behalf. He delivered on his projections and predictions for the end result of my case.
-  Linda

Dean Morgan handled two extensive legal matters for me and was by far the best lawyer I have ever hired. I would utilize his services again without second thought. He is my go to guy.

Dean was very helpful in helping with the DUI case that was presented against my husband. He responded quickly to emails and was on top of the case throughout the entire process.
– Tameryn

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