You Are Not A Criminal
Don't Hire a "Criminal Defense Attorney"
Choose an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney

DUI Defense Attorney, Not Criminal Defense:

You are not a criminal. I do not represent criminals.  We represent good people, like you, charged with DUI.  We recognize that DUI Defense is not synonymous with Criminal Defense.  DUI requires specialized knowledge and techniques.  We have developed these techniques through training and experience.

Our reputation as DUI Defense Attorneys is well known to prosecutors and law enforcement officers. When we represent a client, our opponents know that they are facing an adversary that has the willingness and capability to see the matter through to a positive result.  This is a rare capability in the present DUI Defense environment, in which a positive result is seen as impossible by many “Criminal Defense Lawyers.” 

The Morgan Law Firm was formed by Managing Attorney, F. Dean Morgan in 2010.  After a career as a police officer, prosecutor, and defense attorney that began in 1990, Dean had watched hundreds of “Criminal Defense Attorneys” practice law under a “cookie-cutter” model.  They rented an office next to the courthouse, worked alone or with a partner (whom they competed against) and accepted every case that came in the door with the money to pay their fee. 

This approach comes at a price to individuals charged with DUI.  The “Criminal Defense Lawyer” simply sends DUI Defendants into the system and accept the first offer from the prosecutor because that is what they do with their Criminal clients.  On the other hand, those who will take a case to trial don’t understand the complexities of DUI Defense. 

DUI Defense requires specialized knowledge. The first thing every DUI Attorney should know is that DUI Defendants are not criminals and should not be treated as such.

In addition, a DUI Defense Firm is one that possesses the following attributes:
  • Knowledge of the specific facts the government must establish to convict a Defendant of DUI.
  • Knowledge of all aspects of a DUI Case including:
  • Knowledge of Field Sobriety Testing
  • Knowledge of Breath Testing
  • Knowledge of Serum Blood Testing
  • Knowledge of Gas Chromatography Testing
  • A proven and verifiable track record of DUI success.

Recognizing that the individuals charged with DUI are NOT Criminals, Dean was, and remains, dedicated to building a different kind of practice.  One exclusively devoted to representing individuals charged with DUI, NOT criminals. 

Specialized Knowledge = Positive Results:

It is no secret that most criminal defense attorneys, especially at one and two-lawyer criminal defense firms, do not have the time to develop the specialized DUI Defense knowledge and experience necessary to defend DUI Defendants.  After being charged with DUI, your career, reputation, and family’s well-being may be in play.  This is not a time for learning on the job or worse, making decisions without understanding the issues.  Unlike criminal defense firms, we go to trial, we file suppression motions, and our specialized knowledge of DUI law, procedure, and the unique aspects of DUI Defense give us an “upper hand” over prosecutors.

By eliminating every other area of “Criminal Law,” our attorneys can focus on the exclusively on the representation of individuals charged with DUI.  Our attorneys attend specialized legal education courses offered by state and national organizations including the National College of DUI Defense.  We also attend training regarding Field Sobriety Testing, Blood Testing, and Drug Recognition Experts.

In addition, we are the only DUI Defense Firm with a Registered Nurse/Legal Nurse Consultant on staff.  We recognize that Field Sobriety Testing as well as Blood/Breath Testing are medical tests affected by our clients’ physical conditions.  When necessary, we examine our clients’ medical records to achieve the best possible outcome.

Prosecutors know that we know how to win. That reduces the "delay” factor when we represent defendants and enables us to achieve positive results than others cannot. We cannot guarantee any particular outcome.  However, we believe we have the best group of DUI Defense Attorneys in Pennsylvania.  We have litigated, and won, in courtrooms across Pennsylvania.

The Courtroom is our Office:

When he started this firm, Dean had an idea for a law firm that tossed the cookie-cutter aside.  Dean believed that neither extravagant offices in prestigious buildings nor the distance between the office and the courthouse door was beneficial to the client or helpful to achieve a winning result. Office space inflates overhead and ultimately results in higher fees for our clients.   Winning results come from doing excellent work and developing the knowledge and experience, not from the artwork on the wall or a great parking space.   We win cases.  Our case results prove this.

Hiring a local lawyer because he is local is like going next door to your neighbor to have brain surgery.   If you want it done right, you need someone who knows what they are doing, not someone who is close.

Our Digital Document Management System is specifically designed to assure access to our documents at a moment’s notice.  While we still maintain a hardcopy file containing your documents, our state-of-the-art technology provides a flexible, accessible, and secure online document system.  We can access and retrieve your digital file from anywhere in the world.  We can send you copies of documents that are important to your case. 
In addition, we can access our entire library of legal research materials, training materials, and other information that may be necessary while we are in the courtroom.  As a result, we don’t need to “go back to the office” to get the materials we need.

We win cases in courtrooms, not behind a desk.  We utilize technology to communicate with our clients instantaneously.  Our clients have come to rely upon an immediate response.  Whether we are in a courtroom, an office, or at home, a client can expect an immediate response.  Our clients report 100% satisfaction with our communication as part of a 99% overall satisfaction rate.

DUI Defense Attorneys

DUI Defense Throughout Pennsylvania

Com. v. Nancy L.
1st Offense- DUI (Drugs)
No Jail Time
No Suspension

Com. v. Todd M.
1st Offense- DUI (BAC .11%)
No Jail Time
No Suspension

Com. v. Justin S.
2nd Offense- (BAC .24%) 
No Jail Time
No Suspension

Com. v. Leonard G.
3rd Offense DUI- (BAC .21%)
No Jail
No Suspension

Com. v. Brandon M.
1st Offense DUI-(Marijuana)
No Jail Time
No Suspension

Com. v. Jason W.
3rd Offense DUI (Refusal)
No Jail TIme
No Suspension